Thou must not question Big Environment…

Written by on January 14, 2012 in Canada, Energy, Investing

…is the title of Rex Murphy’s column is this Saturday’s National Post.

The greatest advantage the greens have had is the relative absence of scrutiny from the press.

Generally speaking, it’s thought to be bad manners to question self-appointed environmentalists. Their good cause, at least in the early days, was enough of a warrant in itself.

And when it was your aunt protesting the incinerator just outside town, well that was enough. But when it’s some vast congregation of 20,000 at an international conference, or thousands lining up to present briefs protesting a pipeline, well, let’s just say this is not your aunt’s protest movement anymore.

There is no such thing as investigative environmental reporting — or rather very precious little of it in the established media.

Environmental reporters rarely question the big environmental outfits with anything like the fury they will bring to questioning politicians or businesspeople. Advocacy and reportage are sometimes close as twins.

Follow the money....

Where does their money come from?

What are their interests in such and such a hearing?

What other associations do they have?

Are they a cat’s paw for other interests?

Do they have political affiliations that would impugn their testimony?

In hearings as important as the ones over the Northern Gateway pipeline, with the jobs and industry that are potentially at stake, the call to monitor who is participating in those hearings is a sound and rational one.

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