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For most of his career I was a Ralph Klein fan. I thought he stayed too long as Premier. He seemed bored with the job for the last five years or so but wouldn’t give up the job until he was pushed out.

In recent days there has been several observations about the oddities in who gets, and doesn’t get, the Order of Canada.

Charles Adler had this column on the topic.

The advisory board for the Order of Canada has handed out close to 6,000 Orders since the whole thing started. That’s well over 100 every year. Not exactly an exclusive honour.

But it’s not just the numbers that bug me here. The balance is so tilted to the left it’s giving me a kink in my back. In fact, some picks are a complete slap in the face of anyone with conservative sensibilities.

Ralph Klein - Former Mayor of Calgary and Premier of Alberta

Don Martin has a column that is straight to the point – Ralph Klein should get the Order of Canada.

The 69-year-old spends a lot of time in bed, barely speaking while struggling to penetrate the fog of dementia, which has displaced the sharpest political mind in the business. Ailing physically as well, he is not expected to ever return to his modest bungalow in southwest Calgary.

He deserves a better fate in life. And before his death, he should receive the national honour, which remains denied to this most worthy of candidates.

Twice a year they post the Order of Canada recipients. I always scan the list of first-class Canadians expecting to see the former broadcaster, Calgary mayor and Alberta premier prominently featured atop the news release.

The most recent batch came out last week. Another 66 names – and not one of them was Ralph Klein.

And the always superb Rex Murphy has his say….

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