Jacqueline Milczarek – in over her head…

Saudi Arabia’s attempt to muzzle the Ethical Oil tv commercials has been in the news this week.

CTV News Anchor
Jacqueline Milczarek

Jacqueline Milczarek of CTV News made herself part of the story during an interview on Wednesday, asking at one point….

“Are we really more ethical (stifles a laugh) than countries like Saudi Arabia?”

Here’s Ezra Levant discussing the issue. Milczarek’s question comes at 11:30 in this video.

There’s now a Tweet from Milczarek stating

In case of confusion: re our ethical oil discussion ..my question was ..are we any better when for decades we supported arab dictators?

Confusion? For me, the barely contained laugh during the question, Milczarek actually asked, reflects her genuine views on the topic.

If Milczarek wants to have a discussion on Canada’s previous support of dictators, I would want to know what Milczarek’s alternative would have been – should the western democracies have invaded and overthrown all these dicatorships?

Answer that Jacqueline.

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